Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Morning Internet.

I need coffee. Stat. Did my 3 am thing again, but just layed there counting ceiling bumps. It was too cozy and the dogs were snoring. Didn't want to wake the darlings up. Pfft.

I was packing in my head. You know how you lay there and think "OK, I need to remember to bring this and this and that - and OMG, don't forget THAT! Maybe it's just me. My cute new clothes are supposed to arrive sometime today (Yay!) so it will be like Christmas in the Crazydogmama household tonight. I may take pics. I'm praying they all fit - you know how ordering online is risky. I may need to call my therapist after trying on the bathing suit. I have not purchased one in over 10 years. I could be horrified and pass out. Don't expect pics of me in that unless you want to send me a fifth of tequila first. LOL.

I'm taking my video camera - eventhough it is a dinosaur. It's digital, but its big - not cute like the new ones. HEY! Something to add to my Amazon wishlist! Maybe I'll post some video clips if I am properly persuaded. ;-) I love electronic toys!! (Shut up, you know what I mean...)

OK, I have to go to work now so I'm not late. Talk to you tonight.

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Ann(ie) said...

I did that last night, too. ug. I should have texted you to see what you were doing. hehe.