Saturday, July 19, 2008

First post of many today

So I have to tell you about dinner last night. I'll shorten the story because I don't feel like typing that much, but here goes. My mom was there and is crazy like me, and loud because she needs a hearing aid. (I'm not allowed to post pics of her, I promised, but I'm gonna talk about her and she can't do anything about it - ha!) The first thing that happened was I was feeling cheeky - and that usually presents a story. We were at the Sultan Bakery - and you go up to the counter and order dinner, then sit down and wait for them to bring it to you. (Real fancy-like, hehe) I was in line behind a guy by himself, about my age - maybe older. He ordered a big platter meal and two cokes. Because of the two cokes, the cashier thought we were together and said "Together on the ticket?" I piped up with "Oh no, we're not together." - then the cheekiness kicked in and I put my hand on his shoulder and said "Unless you want to be." He looked at me, smiled and then turned 4 sheets of red and stuttered. (I love it when men do that. LOL) He said " would be great...but my wife would probably get mad." I giggled and told him I was just messing with him and that my husband would be pissy about it too. He laughed. (Shut up, I can't help it.)

OK, then I went and sat down after having my fun. The coversation over dinner was...well...funny. And since the guy from the counter decided to sit right next to us, he heard every word. (great....) He even interjected into the conversation several times. He had a good sense of humor, and you have to remember this is a small town and everyone talks to everyone.

After we left and got into the car, this is the conversation my mother and I had:

Mom: That guy was flirting with you.
Me: No he wasn't, I embarrassed him at the counter.
Mom: So? He was flirting with you.
Me: He is married mom, and knows I am too, he wasn't flirting, I just broke the ice and you and I were acting like maniacs.
Mom: (laughing) That doesn't change the fact that he was flirting with you.
Me: OMG, mom, will you stop with that? It's SULTAN, everybody talks.
Mom: No they don't - he couldn't take his eyes off of you.
Me: (shaking my head) I spilled Au Jus sauce all down the front of me, of course he was looking at me, I'm a freak.
Mom: That's not the reason he was looking at you. Did you notice he was finished with his dinner long before us and still sat there?
Me: We're not talking about this anymore.
Mom: Oh look, here he comes!
Mom: (laughing)


Ann(ie) said...

That is so cute. I love your mom!

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