Monday, June 30, 2008

You will all be very proud of me!

I am not a crispy critter! I took it easy yesterday and kept going back and forth from the sun to the shade to prevent burning. I kept myself completely soaked with the hose all day (cold! yeeeaaw!) and got some nice color. I am just a tad red on my arms, but not bad at all. I haven't worked on getting a tan for several years trying to save my skin, but I really want one this year.

I have a booked schedule again this week. July is going to be nuts since I'm taking the first two weeks of August off. WEEEEEE! I haven't taken two weeks off in a row for like, 10 years. More info on that later.

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shit staker said...

good job on not getting fried! i didn't have much of a chance to get fried...