Monday, June 02, 2008

The Train Tunnel

**Before I get into what the title means, I have to tell you that I have received a HUGE amount of crap for deleting my "Turn On's" post so quickly - so for the 100th time, really honestly, I'M SORRY! BOA, I promise to not care about what anyone thinks anymore (not that I really do).

Now, as most of you know, I don't sleep well. I either sleep too much, or don't sleep at all. Well, last night was no exception, but it was the sleep for 2 hours - wake up - sleep for 2 hours - wake up syndrome. During those brief slumber periods, though, I must of hit REM sleep because I had some bizarre dreams. Most of the time people have nonsensical dreams, or just dreams with random things that their subconscious picks up from the day. Me? I have no idea how my brain comes up with mine. I've had premonition and "vision" dreams, I've had vivid "epic" dreams with plots and development, I've had the nonsensical ones and then I have what I call "must be a product of my therapy" or symbolic of emotions dreams. I think the ones I had last night were some of those.

I was in a train tunnel. It wasn't a very long tunnel, and it smelled of a cow pasture. There were a few others in the tunnel with me - no one I recognized - just random faces. Every few seconds, a really fast train would come flying through the tunnel at a warp speed. Sparks would fly as it cornered the rails on its way out of the tunnel. We would all have to smash ourselves up against the wall each time the train came through to avoid getting run over. Every time I tried to make a run for it to get out of the tunnel, I heard the roaring of the train coming and had to slam up against the wall again. My truck was parked just outside the tunnel - and I was trying to get to it, but was having no luck. The train almost hit the truck every time it cornered and I would hold my breath because it was my only ticket out of there. As you can imagine I was frustrated and agitated. I was trapped and could see a way out, but couldn't quite get there. After many attempts to run or just inch my way along, I finally looked at the other people and said "Fuck it!", I'm outta here, if I get run over, I get run over. A man standing next to me grabbed my shoulder and said "WAIT". Have patience. I looked over at him and said "Have you met me? I'm Cheryl, and I have zero patience." He just laughed, but held on to my shoulder. I sighed and felt the wind of the damn train go by again. It was LOUD. The man told me that there was a pattern to the train, and if we could figure it out, then we could escape without harm. Unfortunately, that's all I remember.

The other dream I remember was a little funny - probably just nonsensical. I had been driving trying to find a place and was a little lost. I was with two other people - a couple. I didn't like them for some reason, and they didn't like me. We stopped at some cafe somewhere for something to eat and we were all drinking sodas; me regular coke, and them diet cokes. I got up to refill mine and they slid their cups over to me so that I could refill theirs too. I was annoyed, but picked them up anyway. I went over to the soda dispenser and started getting ice for all of the cups. Ice went EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere. It was shooting out all over the floor and piling up. I just kind of stood there watching it happen. The couple were looking at me shaking their heads as if saying "she can't even fill sodas". The ice wouldn't stop and I just started to crack up.

I'm tired. Its Monday. I wonder what will happen this week.


Ann(ie) said...

Juice's dream analysis
Free of charge

Dream #1: You're feeling trapped now. Have patience and freedom will come. Why don't you sleep with the man in the meantime? Wear sexy lingerie in next dream in case he reappears.

Dream #2: Couples who refuse to re-fill their own damn soda's are douchebags and you should pour the soda over their heads and tell them they suck.

You are welcome.


Crazydogmama said...

LOL, Juice. You are so damn funny. I'm thinking sexy lingerie and sex in a busy train tunnel might be a little risky, though. HAHA.

What is Mehmet? I need to know.

Ann(ie) said...

Mehmet is Dr. Mehmet Oz who is a regular on Oprah. He's lame. Hole and I watched the OCD episode and the Mehmet failed us miserably. So now it's fun just to say mehmet. Because he's gay.

Anonymous said...

Mehmet is a douche.

You have some weird dreams. I wish I could remember mine. It's rare.

I agree with Ann about the first one. You definitely feel trapped and need to be patient. I should take my own advice...

The second one is strange. I don't know what it means cuz I am not a shrink.


Crazydogmama said...

I don't watch Oprah - she irritates me, so I no nothing of Mehmet.

Regarding analysis of the train dream, you guys have a keen grasp on the obvious. ;-)