Thursday, June 12, 2008


I need to add "bird" to my repertoire of kills with my vehicle. There have now been 3 deer, a dog and a bird. Last night while driving home, a nice fat birdy flew right smack into my windshield as I was going about 60 mph. It left a nice BIG blob of guts and blood and of course scared the living piss out of me. I used my windshield wipers and fluid to try and clean it off, but all it did was smear it all over the place. In chunks. There are chunks of guts still on my windshield. I'll need to hose that off later.

In other news, Jim left this morning for California and I will be having an exciting "party for one" tonight. I plan to take a nice hot bath with lots of bath salts and good smellies, accompanied by candles and champagne. I'm taking tomorrow off for "mental health" and I'm hoping to get some much needed sleep.



Sorry about the bird....I am so envious of your evening alone, tomorrows mental health day...I would give anything to have one of those...enjoy, you deserve it!

Big Pissy said...

Oh, man! That bird thing is GROSS!!!


Enjoy your mental health day, sweetie. :)


shit staker said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwww, on the bird due, omg yuk. i seriously could hurl. sorry you had to experience the yukiness.

and you relax and enjoy your time to yourself! :-)