Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Special Agent Crazydogmama

So I officially reached the "too old" point May 12 to be recruited into the FBI. Which I was seriously considering. No one knew. ;-) So, mom, you can breathe now. Back in college I was approached by a recruiter that wanted to send me to Quantico ASAP - they wanted to yank me out only two years into college, then send me back to finish. (Having a bachelor's degree is required for employment) I didn't take it because I wasn't ready to leave everything and everyone I knew behind. I interned for the local sheriff's department instead, in the fraud unit, then went on to the academy after that. A part of me regrets not taking the opportunity, but then again, it obviously wasn't meant to be.

There is something else, I think, that is awaiting me. Something very interesting.

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