Monday, June 23, 2008

Sexy Badger?

Someone sent me a badger's profile and thought it resembled me perfectly. Gee, thanks. ;-D

Then I got to thinking, do I really like SPF36 (Sugar plum fairy/36 is my age) for my prison bitch name or should I go with Sexy Badger? I think we need a vote. Below you will find the badger profile. The parts in bold, I agree with.

The Badger

Badgers are generally pleasant, solitary animals who are mainly active at night. They tend to be inactive during the winter months. They are not true hibernators, but spend much of the winter in cycles of torpor that usually last about 29 hours. (Torpor: a state of motor and mental inactivity with a partial suspension of sensibility.) If threatened, they attack explosively with hissing, growling and biting. They love to eat, and do so voraciously.

Badgers are known as fierce, independent creatures with almost legendary courage bordering on lunacy. Having had to literally claw themselves a place in the world, badgers are known for their tenacity and cunning. While the badgers are fond of taking on all comers, and even their own, when their misty highlands are threatened, their true mettle comes to light. Few truly like the badgers, but the wise respect them.


shit staker said...

i wanna be a sexy armadillo


Ann(ie) said...

I'm a sexy penguin