Sunday, May 18, 2008

People Amaze Me

All week there have been warnings NOT to swim in the rivers this weekend because we were to have record breaking temperatures that would melt the huge snowpack we had this year and spill into the rivers making them extremely dangerous. So what do people do? Swim in the rivers. Put their kids in the rivers. What is WRONG with everybody?? I just finished watching the news where they were reporting on the many deaths that occurred yesterday while our temps went into the 90's and all the heart-stopping cold, fast-moving rivers are now flooding. DUH. This is where I'm glad I'm not a cop anymore because pulling bodies out of the river on a Sunday would just piss me off. I don't think I've ever written about my law enforcement days, have I?

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stick shaker said...

dude that is just retarded, not to mention why the fuck you wanna get in a cold river anyway. i used to swim in the snoqualmie river on occasion, i hate river swimming and will not do it anymore, anyways, its fucking cold, painfully cold. i'd rather burn....boa would rather see me burn too, he has said so on several occasions... ;-) well maybe just one, but one in female language can be extended to several upon ones own discression. ;-)