Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mellow Sunday. Kinda.

We haven't done cack this weekend. Lots of sleeping and laying in front the TV. Today is nice - sunny and warm, and the best we could muster up is to sit on the back patio under the umbrella. But you know, at least we moved. We turned on some tunes and just sat and talked. Sometimes our conversations are stimulating and sometimes...well...they are warped. Like for instance, after I took a shower I put on some capri's and flip flops to sit outside. Jim started laughing cuz I haven't shaved my legs for a couple of days. (YOU shut up.) He mimicked a wolf. Oowwwoooooo! I flipped him off, and as he continued to roll in hysterics I pounded on him a little. I gave him the evil eye and started to think about what I would blog about today. I must of had the "I'm going to blog evil about you" look on my face because the next thing he said was "The I'm a hero on your blog shit is over isn't it?" LOL. "Yes indeed it is." I said. "I'm going to tell the internet that you are listening to Air Supply and "How deep is your love" by the BeeJees." Then I got the evil eye. "But you like it too!" "Yes", I said, "but I'm a girl".

So now I'm even. HA! Time to go bbq steaks. I'm freaking starving.

**quick update on the continuing conversation:

Jim: (studying my cleavage) "Women's boobs get bigger when they gain weight, but how come men's penis' don't get bigger when they gain weight? It doesn't seem fair."
My answer: "Because if that were true, every man in America would weigh 500 pounds."


stick shaker said...

lol...sounds like a nice sunday. :-) i loved the weather today. everytime i get hopeful that maybe the weather is finally changing i look at the forecast, and its not. then i cry a little.

Anonymous said...

my husband likes air supply and the bee gees too! haha. ~nichole