Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm crazy out-of-my-mind worried!

This has been a shit week for me personally so far, and now Louie is sick. Louie is 9 years old and he has NEVER had anything wrong with him. Last night he didn't eat, which has never happened - he usually tries to eat the bowl along with the food. So that was my first freak out. Then, I noticed him pooping a lot. He has pooped 5 times in 24 hours and there is BLOOD IN IT. The vet doesn't open for another 2 hours and I'm going nuts. I love Lou like he is my kid and I'm running low on money. Hopefully they will take payments. What is wrong with my Lou-bear?? What happened to my dog??


Ann(ie) said...

:( I'm sure he's fine, girlie but I would be panicking, too. KEEP us posted, kay? And those places almost always take payments.
Ditto on the shit week.

Crazydogmama said...

thanks sweetie. I feel like everything is turned upside down, ya know?