Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How my day is going...

I can't help but laugh at these things. First, one of my co-workers is REALLY mad at me. I just gave him back a gigantic package of complicated engineering drawings because I found errors. He asked me if we could "let it slide this once?". I said no. (Hey! It's my job!) I didn't get promoted because I "let things slide". Several engineers around his cube were rolling in laughter because they know it will take him forever to fix it.

Second, my skirt is long and I roll around in my chair from one side of my cube to the next - and when I do, the skirt gets caught in the wheels and yanks it off my hips. OOPS. I'm paranoid its going to rip and then what will I do??? I have it hiked up around my thighs right now and I'm hoping to God no one comes up behind me without my knowledge. I'm just a complete mess, aren't I?

It's a blog-a-thon today. I'm feeling chatty.

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