Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fun night out! More please!

We dished. I had wine. Probably too much. I could be drunk blogging. I went back to work briefly to sober up for a few minutes since its an hour drive home. (Hence the blogging) I will probably regret posting these pics tomorrow - but this is my recommendation to you of what to do when you are sobering up at 9:30 pm at your cube in a building by yourself. I am feeling pretty darn good right now - and not just because of the wine. It was really great to talk to my girly friends. I think I might be getting somewhere with my inner turmoil - all I needed was time to assess, time in therapy, time with friends and a little alcohol. It's not all that simple really, it takes (and will take) time to make big changes - and even some small ones, but sometimes this little light goes on above your head. And then you feel free and hopeful again and people suddenly look at you and say "Good for you!"


Ann(ie) said...

Girly nights rule. They usually bring some clarity to a situation, too. Love the pics!!! Did you get home okay?????

Thank you for the appy's. I should have paid....I ate 90% of the food as usual.

Crazydogmama said...

yep, I'm good. I really wasn't that drunk - just buzzed. I went to work for awhile and blogged, then I was perfectly fine. I'm all responsible and shit. :)

Crazydogmama said...

oh, and it was my pleasure! I owe you more than a few. and you did NOT eat it all. Thanks for the awesome chat - it means a lot! I'll be talking to you very soon..