Monday, May 26, 2008

Fakin' the Funk to Facilitate the Fraud

Caveman wants to know what this means and he is the ONLY one who gave me a suggestion on what to write - so kudos to you KS! The rest of you are buttmunches.

I have to warn you, this is really deep. LOL. I didn't come up with it. Jim said it one day and I just looked at him and said "what?". It sounded funny to me. Stringing all the "F's" together like that. He had a friend in the Army that was black, and he said "Fakin' the Funk" all the time as to mean "Trying to be cool while actually being cheesy or dorky." (that fits me, huh?) Jim later added "to Facilitate the Fraud" to mean "to cover up all the bullshit".

I have always thought that in keeping a blog, you could just be anyone you wanted to be and talk about life in exactly what manner you wanted. You know, make yourself sound so great! I thought that it would be the perfect title phrase because most blogs are full of fluff and stupid crap. (It also makes people scrunch up their face and say "what?" - which is funny.) Now, while my blog is definitely full of stupid crap, unfortunately for me, I have been known to spill my guts and am honest like an idiot. No, I don't reveal my entire life, because there are other people's feelings to consider, but I have a hard time being fake or phony. On the internet it is hard to know who a 'real' person is. But from me, what you see (or hear) is pretty much what you get.

So, no, I'm far from a gangster. (LOL - I can't believe you actually said that!) I'm just a dorky white girl who can't even be fake enough to be someone great on a blog.

Its funny to me that you think I'm mysterious. Is that the only mystery for you, or is there something else that puzzles you? I guess I should take it as a compliment - don't girls want to be mysterious? Hehe...I don't even know. I think YOU are the mysterious one, KS. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Yes, women ARE the mysterious ones, and very complicated from an emotional standpoint. Men, on the other hand, are quite EASY to understand. We only need 3 basic things to survive:

1. Good Food
2. Respect
3. ___(fill in the blank, three letter word, starts with an "S")

- KS

Crazydogmama said...

Hmm. Yes, men can be simple creatures, but some are rather elusive and reluctant to talk about themselves. Those 3 things are very easy to accomplish - depending on the man you are. Perhaps I'm a mysterious woman, perhaps not. Those 3 things are in my top 5! I know a lot of women and it eludes me why #3 is not that important to them. I guess I have more a boy brain. Or perhaps I'm a nympho. HA.