Friday, May 09, 2008

Drunk with Power

They gave me super powers at work. I really like it! Apparently when I get frustrated and angry I scare people. Go figure. I now have the ability to see any and all files that anyone in the company has open on their computer AND the ability to CLOSE THOSE FILES AT WILL so that I can do with them what I need to. Let me tell you how much fun it was running around the building trying to figure out who had stuff open - or waiting to get an email response back. It stopped me in my tracks to get things done. I can sit here now and do my evil cackle and say "delete! delete! delete!" "I've shut you down!"

So much fun.


stick shaker said...

i'm not sure i like your attitude cher. ;-) hehe, that sounds fun.


Crazydogmama said...
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Crazydogmama said...

damnit to hell..I'm starting to comment on the wrong posts myself.

Here is what I wanted to say on this one:

I would delete YOUR files just for saying you didn't like my attitude. How do like THAT??? LOL. or, maybe just 'bite me'.

stick shaker said...

ok, step the fuck off dog. ;-) you are letting the power go to your head! ;-) hehe

Ann(ie) said...

hehe....apparentely when you get frustrated and angry you scare people. I do recall a night with a ski. At a party. You were not pleased. hehe.