Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Vivid Dream (sorry, no sex this time)

This is an odd, but curious one. Thought I would share because I know how you all come running to your computers every day wondering what the crazy broad has to say next. ;-D

I was standing still, far away, but looking out between two different scenes. To my left it was night - a dark and forboding city with lightning and thunder. When the lightning struck, it lit everything up for a second, but would then go dark again. When it lit up it was a fantastic sight and it was hard to pull my eyes away, well, because you know how I feel about storms - but I was tentative about it. To my right it was day - very bright and sunny and warm with this beautiful light colored sand. When the sun would catch it just right, the sand would sparkle. I could not tell if the sand was a vast desert, or if it was leading to a beach because there was a hill and I couldn't see over the hill. The sand was so pretty, but at the same time it seemed sad - empty and barren except for the sparkles. Like it was waiting for me to come running into it and bury my toes into it. Again, though, I was tentative because I couldn't see over the hill.

I kept standing there, looking back and forth - but here is the really cool part of the dream: I was wearing my new red dress. The wind was blowing and my dress was swooshing around. I was barefoot, though, no sexy Italian stillettos. My toes were painted red to match the dress, however. Details are always important. LOL.

So what do you think about that, huh? Pretty bizarre.

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stick shaker said...

you have a great way of describing your dreams...great detail. mine go a little like this. i was in this house, but then i wasn't then i was in kentucky and there was an ocean there even though there aren't any oceans. yeah, like that. its real neat and very realistic like. lol....