Tuesday, May 13, 2008

and then I laughed really, really hard

So I've been a little in the poo's lately. (this is where you all collectively say....NOOOOO, really? We didn't even notice!)

We were trying to watch sitcoms tonight and I was apparently in a zombie-like state staring at the wall. Jim kept asking me what was wrong and I just said I don't want to watch this, I'm cranky and bored. So trying to cheer me up, he flipped through the guide and found "Mega Disasters". "Here honey..." he said, "this should cheer you up." I gave him the stink eye, but smiled because it was kinda funny.

I got up to go to the kitchen and get water, and he followed me. I told him to say something nice to me. He thought for a minute and decided to sing me the very happy and cheerful "My Favorite Things" song, except it came out like this:

"Snow drops on kittens, and mittens on something...."

I looked up confused and blinking and said "What the hell are snow drops?"

and then we both erupted into hysterics. I don't know why, but it just struck me really funny. My stomach actually hurt afterwards because there was a moment where I couldn't breathe from laughing. I guess you had to be there, but truly, it was freakin' funny.

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stick shaker said...

i can totally relate to this kind of humor. my friend pam at work is always saying the wrong things in phrases and stuff and its hysterical....so i get you, due, i get you. ;-)