Sunday, April 27, 2008

We are mature, sophicated adults. Really.

A good time was had by all. Did anyone break 100? We all sucked badly and it was hysterical. Something in my left leg is not right and hurts, (I'm limping!) so I did much better yesterday. I was also a designated driver so I only had one beer. (I know!) and someone kept drinking out of my beer glass! Hey Annie and Matt - thanks again for everything, you guys are the best! I'm soooo gonna get you back for sneak-paying, though! ;-)

This pic needs no caption.


What Jim would look like giving a sermon.

Evil Matt.

LOL. Just, LOL.


Anonymous said...

wish i was invited...


Ann(ie) said...

YOU'RE always invited BOA. ;) And Beth you look smokin in that strike pic, girlie. That was a fun night!!!! Cher, I had to ambush pay. 40th bdays warrant such a thing. ;)

stick shaker said...

what about non birthdays for currently 31 year those not also warrant an ambush pay???


that was fun cheryl, i'm glad we were finally able to get together and do that... ;-)


oh and juice, your mom looks smokin hot in that mean..thanks... :-) i think you looked great in all of your pics as well!

BriannaNichole said...

I love the last one, its priceless.