Friday, April 18, 2008

Ummm....WTF? Over.

Okay, so it was 82 here last Saturday. It is freakin' BLIZZARDING here today. Wanna hear the newest round of crazy and messed up? I knew you did. Sit down. Have a drink. Join me.
So first, I get a call from work. At 9 am. Having a crisis. I had to drive in and fix it. My commute is an HOUR. I can't even get two damn days off in a row. How lame. (Yes, I am writing in short squatty sentences today. I write like I talk. and that is how I'm talking today.) So I went and did that and some other very frustrating errands. Tip: If you see something at Costco you want or need, BUY IT RIGHT THEN because it WILL NOT BE THERE when you go back. In the Costco parking lot I saw big black clouds and then it starting hailing. It did not stop hailing for 20 minutes. I like storms, so I was all jazzed. Thunder? Cool. Lightning? Even cooler. Horrendous traffic because it starts blizzarding on your way home? Not cool.
Then I get a call from my mom. My grandma isn't going to make it thru the night. She is in a coma and expected to die any minute. My poor mom is a mess - crying and upset and scared. I don't know what to say to her anymore. I don't know how to help. She may have to stay in California for a month to sort everything out with the lawyers. Sigh. Anyone wanna fly me to to the Bahamas, fill me up with xanax, give me margaritas, pet my head and tell me everything is was all just a dream....?

Lou is confused.

So are the birds. (See them in the tree?)

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