Friday, April 25, 2008

Real Quick Post, Then More Later - I promise

What is UP with LOST??? There are so few T.V. shows I like, but LOST is by far my fav. frustrated are YOU? They answer, like, ONE question, then make 20 more. Sometimes I just want to stick a fork in my eye. I actually was fortunate to start watching the series late and got to rent Season 1, 2 and 3 on DVD where I got to watch them all in a row - without interruption and without forgetting what the hell is going on. Now that I'm having to watch week-to-week with 2 month breaks, it just SUCKS! It has a very complicated plot and with so much going on it is sooo easy to forget things. and the commercials?? GEEZ-US!! Anyway, I'm sure if you watch you know EXACTLY what I mean. If you don't watch? What the hell is wrong with you?? Seriously folks, its worth a look. Go rent the seasons and get started. It does hurt my brain sometimes, but they do a really good job of combining science and spirituality. I'm constantly changing my theories.

OK, I have some bowling and drinking to go do, so until later tonight...I bid you adieu.

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