Monday, April 28, 2008

OK! OK! I'll Blog...

You guys are getting entirely used to me blogging everyday - I'm getting emails wondering what's up, I haven't posted in over 24 hours now!? LOL. So what is up today, you ask? Well, I will try to put together a post that makes any kind of sense - my brain is all over the place. It's Monday, you know, and I am just now settling in at work with my coffee. I also had an early doctor's appt. this mornng, which is such a super way to start the week. UGH. I've been seeing the same family doctor forever now, and she knows me pretty well. It was just a well-check, but the conversation was a little funny because I haven't been in for awhile.

Doctor: "So how are your depression and anxiety doing?"
Me: "um...well...depressing and stressful."
Doctor: Just looks at me. Then smiles. "ok." (I am a master with words)
Me: "I don't know, some days I'm ok, some days I'm not."
Doctor: "Are you making changes like we talked about?"
Me: "um...sort of." I went bowling? Does that count?
Doctor: "Well, yes, that's a start. It's good for you to get out and socialize." (its good to know acting like an idiot is doctor recommended...)
Me: "Can I get an Epipen?"
Doctor: "What for?"
Me: "I'm allergic to wasps."
Doctor: "You are? I don't have that down here in your files."
Me: "Yes. I swell up and wheeze. And I want to go outside lots this summer."
Doctor: "When was your last reaction?"
Me: "About 19 years ago. I had to go to emergency."
Doctor: "19 years ago? and you are just now asking for an Epipen?"
Me: "yeah. I know. But I kept forgetting."
Doctor: Sighs. "ok."

Sidenote: Some random construction worker (maybe in his 60's) just stopped me and asked me if he could use our restroom. I said "How much money do you have?" Taking me seriously, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a quarter. I said to just leave it on the counter when he was done. He said OK. I am so mean! I am totally laughing right now, and if there is actually a quarter in there when I check I am going to howl...

Remind me to tell you about my new locking gas cap later today. I'm sure it will entertain you. I have to work a little right now, so I'll blog more later.

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