Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Morning So Far...

Drive along side a fast moving train on the way to work, and when it blows its whistle, jump from being startled and spill coffee on your lap. CHECK.

Break a few dishes in the kitchen at work because you are a hopeless Klutz. CHECK.

Crash your hard drive. CHECK.

Completely screw up a document and have to start over. CHECK.

Eat fire-chili for dinner and pay dearly for it in the morning at work. CHECK.

While in the bathroom and can't go anywhere, listen to the cell phone you left on your desk go off LOUDLY in the office where you can hear a pin drop because you forgot to put it on vibrate. CHECK.

How is your morning going? Please, tell me...

1 comment:

BriannaNichole said...

Crappy day for you :( go drink tonight and you will feel better.