Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm the Biggest Sap. On the Planet.

So I've been a serious couch potato today watching movies. So what movies did I watch? Sad ones. Because that's a great way to make yourself feel better. Not. One of the ones I watched was Titanic - one of my favs. It really is a good flick - a chick flick kinda, but guys seems to like it too. I cried at the end. of course. I always do. This was my third sad movie in a row and I'm thinking I need to go put in Texas Chainsaw Massacre or something so I can be normal. OK, that didn't sound right. LOL. Jim will be home soon so I need to get it together before he checks me into the looney bin. The dogs have been joined to my hip today. They like it when mama is home. They haven't left my side - and they are so faithful to lick my stupid little tears. It was a good day off. Eating, sleeping and laying on the couch watching movies. I've got tomorrow off too, but it will be filled with tasks. Meh.

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I love Titanic...we have watched like twice, in the past two weeks. Awesome, awesome movie. Enjoy your Friday off!