Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I thought of something to blog about. And its interactive!

So I was listening to itunes at my desk and "Back in Black" came on by AC/DC. (You have to like that song.) *note - someday I will be blaring that song while going mach 5 in my newly purchased black '67 Camaro. Anyway, I started thinking about my childhood and how this song applied. Mostly it applied to me acting like a complete maniac - so I thought, how about a post of the 10 dumbest things I've ever done? Yeah. Good one. And all of you out there? Yeah, YOU. Tell me a couple of yours...

1. My friend Jesse had purchased a camaro that barely ran; I think he paid $200 for it or something stupid. It had no windshield. No problem! We just put motorcycle helmets on, cranked "Back in Black" and cruised down Highway 203 at about 110. (He was driving.) I kept thinking "This could be hard to explain if we get pulled over..."

2. I rode on the back of a Harley, twice, with just a bikini on. Burnt the SHIT out of my leg on the pipe. Twice.

3. Tried to make a big jump on ski's (without ever having taken a lesson) and landed on my head. I also jumped off of a ski lift once. Ouch.

4. Waterskiied with a bikini on, and no life vest. NOT. A. GOOD. IDEA.

5. Entered a drinking contest with my highly competetive nature. OMFG.

6. Almost fell off of a ferris wheel.

7. Dumped an entire bottle bottle of "Sun In" on my hair. It turned bright Orange.

8. Pretty much every guy I dated from age 16 to 20.

9. Told some men in a bar that my boyfriend was going to kick their ass. I found out that we could run REALLY fast while intoxicated.

10. Went dirt biking and crashed into a blackberry bush.

and that's just what I can think of right now....hehe.


stick shaker said...

crazy kid! ;-) well at least you have memories. i've not done many crazy things...sober anyways... and the crazy things i've done not sober...i'd rather not remember...i actually might not remember. ;-)

Ann(ie) said...

I'm pretty sure we crashed into each other skiing, too. HOW fricken many times I'm not sure, but we were definitely doing it wrong!