Sunday, April 13, 2008

Crazydogmama's badass kabobs

I know I've posted about this before - I think, but nevertheless I wanted to share. We had this incredible 82 degree day yesterday where I couldn't resist making my kabobs. I know this is not such a hard feat, but we like them. I marinate top sirloin in this crazy-expensive spicy teriyaki sauce, then add worschesire, garlic powder and red wine and soak them for hours. Then, I cut up fresh green pepper, red pepper, cherry tomatoes and red onion along with mushrooms and pineapple chunks. and this time I added some jumbo shrimp in jerk seasoning. MMMMMM. My tummy is very happy. I paired this meal with a nice cabernet.

And what's up with the weather, anyway? Two days ago it was like 30! Life is strange. In more than one way...

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Ann(ie) said...

Did it get to 82???? OMG. I was out after I finally left work and the sunshine must have inspired me b/c I got off my ass and took a power walk with Ben in the stroller + my ipod. I cannot remember the last time I exercised. And now I'm sore. My body is clearly not used to moving.

I love your kabobs. mmmmmmmm!