Thursday, April 10, 2008

Can you say zombie? I knew you could.

I am a freakin' zombie today. Only had about, ohhh, maybe an hour of sleep - and I've worked 2 weeks straight in row. Its neat. I love it. People kept asking me every 5 minutes "what's up with you?" which really made me happy, you understand. Coffee didn't do anything except make me pee more, and I was busy today when I thought it was going to start slowing down starting today. The good news is I got my yearly review today and even though I only had one eye open during the meeting, I got tons of praise for a job well done and a bigger raise than I thought! Weee! Happy dance! I'll celebrate later. Need sleep. Now.

On a side note I thought this little snippet was kind of funny. Jim just got home and realized he left a whole plate of food in the microwave and forgot about - which I found when I got home and put in the sink because it was ruined of course. The conversation went like this:

Jim: Oh man! That pisses me off! I can't believe I did that!
Me: Yeah, it didn't make me happy either.
Jim: Oh shut it - you get pissed when someone accidentally throws aways a sugar packet. You act like you went through the depression or something.

LOL. Ok, so I'm a freak and don't like to waste things. Sue me.


Ann(ie) said...

ha! Matt would totally leave a plate of food in the microwave and we would have that same conversation. hehe. I don't like to waste stuff either. Especially carbs or wine.

Ann(ie) said...

or pie. ;)