Saturday, April 26, 2008

A brief photo essay, cuz I'm dead tired. Bowling hurts. And I'm doing it again tomorrow. (sorry for the cell phone pics. I forgots my good cam.)

My ever-so-famous head shot (only) of myself.
Downshifting to water here.. from Maitai's.

My step son in "Fiddler on the Roof". He was AWESOME. Jim and his mom loved the show too.
Bill played PERCHIK

My Maitai. Yuuum.

Crap. Score not good. Head not good.


Ann(ie) said...

uh oh. You practiced!!!!? Now my suckage at bowling is really gonna stand out. fabulous.

I am extremely hung over. I am going to attempt at stringing coherent together tonight. Might be more gibberish. Just FYI. ;)

xo. See you shortly!!!!

Crazydogmama said... butt hurts. The practice did more harm than good, I think. Getting from the bed to the kitchen was painful this morning. I'm getting old. When did bowling become so difficult on the body? And to think I want to go white rafting.

I think Hole will feel like she is babysitting the geriatric tonight. LOL.

Anonymous said...

hey is that the lucky strike in bellevue? we actually went bowling in renton with our canadian friends on saturday night. who knew you were doing the same thing! ps-the renton alley (hillcrest lanes) although smoke free was very "hood" and yucky. ewwww. ~nichole

Crazydogmama said...

Nichole - Friday I went to Tech City Bowl in Bridle Trails (In Bellevue where the Microsofties go). I wonder if that used to be Lucky Strike? I don't know. That one was pretty nice, but we went to Kenmore Lanes on Saturday, which was major "white trash" central. Not that we were acting uptown. LOL.