Friday, April 11, 2008

After 8 GLORIOUS hours of sleep!

Aaahhh. Much better. I woke up in a good mood. Pigs are flyin' people. I'm rather silly this morning, so stay with me here...

So today's commute was a little different. Usually I'm listening to stupid traffic reports or talking on my cell - but screw that! I decided on music. I cranked some 70's tunes (shut it) and some other random stuff. At one point I stopped at a light and had "I'm alright" the theme from Caddyshack playing by Kenny Loggins (again, shut it). I was SINGING along with it, too, and two guys drove up beside me and looked over. One of them was sacked out drooling into his coffee cup (which made me laugh) and the other was smiling and laughing at me. I waved. He waved back. I continued to sing. "I'm aaaallriiight, don't noboby worry 'bout me..."

I'm thinking it will be an interesting day.


Ann(ie) said...

ha. I do that, too. I still remember our ski trips with The Eagles, Steve Miller and Eddie Rabbit. Good Times! I haven't been on skis in ages. I miss it!!

Crazydogmama said...

Me too! Very good times! God, I'm afraid to ski anymore, my poor knees. But we need to do it anyway.