Sunday, July 15, 2007

Its get even time with the pictures ANNIE

Um, well, we had a bbq yesterday at our abode with our good friends Matt n' Annie and Amy. I am hung over as I type, so don't expect some intellectual shit, ok? Annie posted some, um, interesting pics of the evening, so I thought I would share as well. *evil grin*

Here is the gang all normal at around 6pm enjoying some wine and appetizers.

Matt was tending to little baby Ben, who is UBER cute and such a good baby! We were the loud obnoxious ones, the kid was quiet and happy.

Here are the girls with just a bit more wine...

and a little bit more wine...this was Amy and Annie singing along to the 'Grease' soundtrack. Yes, I know.

and the wine bottles are empty...Amy getting her groove on.



Ann(ie) said...

haaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa! You take way better pictures than me, girl. And dontcha love how my eyes get squintier as the night rolls on???? ugh.

And to think what it would have been like if I would have been drinking to my normal level is too scary for words!!

I loved the singalong portion of the evening, though. We went from the Grease Soundtrack to the Bloodhound gang. wtf???

Hole you must join us next time and Chery has chosen BP for her prison bitch name.

FYI, due. Fyi.

Chris H said...

Nice photos, but where are the ones of you???? Did you see the shocker Annie put on her blog of Jim??? Nicccce belly shot! OH and HI from me!

Hole said...

I love BP! I think that was my favorite of the two! Congrats Cheryl on your new prison bitch name! it sounds like you had hella fun.... :-) I remember the days of well as annoying the crap out of people! hehe glad it was a success... xoxox

Cheryl said...

OMG Annie, the pic of Jim and I tops ALL of the pics I took...Jim was all "Oh shit" when he saw it. hahahaha!

Chris h: I had the camera and wasn't giving it up to anyone - so I could stay OUT of the pics on purpose!!! Annie got me, though, I am the one behind THE BELLY. LOL

Big Pissy said...

love the pictures!

Looks like y'all had fun! :)

Chris H said...

Can't see much of you behing THAT belly!!! Hope he's proud of it!!! ha haha.

midnightbunny said...

Great pics. ;D

Looks like you all had a blast. ;D

Anonymous said...

TAG! I tagged you for meme. You can thank me later.