Sunday, July 29, 2007

8 Things TAG and some pictures because I'm otherwise too lazy to write anything.

Colleen tagged me and I don't even really get what the tag is except that I have to write about 8 things. OK. Hold on to yourselves.

1) I went on a grandma hike on Saturday and grandma's were passing my out-of-shape ass. Sad. I did take some pics, though, that I will bestow on you after my 8 things.
2) I cleaned my stove today. I'm way too fucking exciting, I know.
3) My phone battery only lasts for a day before I have to recharge it again. This pisses me off because it is ALWAYS beeping at me for low batteries. Is it just me?
4) I haven't wanted to blog lately - been in a mega-funk. I need some motivation, people. Help me now.
5) Jim's truck died. I don't mean it broke down, I mean it DIED. DEAD. KAPUT. The diagnostic said this: Transmission gone. Clutch gone. Brakes gone. Fuel pump gone. Tires bald. Electrical system gone. So, we have a new truck. Well, not a new truck, but you know - we couldn't afford to pay for repairs to the old one, so we just bought one that worked. Its a 2004 F150. Its pretty (I'm sorry Jim, I mean bad ass) - but I'm freaked because we are poor and vehicle payments scare me. Again, help me now. Oh, and Jim actually put a stepping stool in the truck so I can get into it. Seriously, I jumped to get in it and fell back out.
6) I have a headache in my eye.
7) Its midnight on Sunday and I'm not tired. Damn it!
8) Lou-dog is snoring and farting at the same time right now. Much like Jim. I'm a lucky girl.

How is that for 8 things? Huh? huh?

We went day tripping at Deception Falls and here is what we saw:

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Its get even time with the pictures ANNIE

Um, well, we had a bbq yesterday at our abode with our good friends Matt n' Annie and Amy. I am hung over as I type, so don't expect some intellectual shit, ok? Annie posted some, um, interesting pics of the evening, so I thought I would share as well. *evil grin*

Here is the gang all normal at around 6pm enjoying some wine and appetizers.

Matt was tending to little baby Ben, who is UBER cute and such a good baby! We were the loud obnoxious ones, the kid was quiet and happy.

Here are the girls with just a bit more wine...

and a little bit more wine...this was Amy and Annie singing along to the 'Grease' soundtrack. Yes, I know.

and the wine bottles are empty...Amy getting her groove on.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

110 motherfucking degrees

That's how hot it is supposed to be tomorrow at my house. They say Seattle will be around 100 - and we're always about 10 degrees hotter out where we are. Today is 90-something and I want to die. At least I get to work in an air conditioned office, poor Jim is in a non-air conditioned shop with a metal roof. Sunny side-up Jim.

Tonight I will be sitting outside in the shade dousing myself with the hose while drinking a beer. Maybe I'll take a pic with my NEW camera! I got a Canon professional DSLR! Weeeeee!

Oh - I had 5 days off for the 4th of July. I will post about that soon, k?