Saturday, June 30, 2007

More backyard pictures! Shocker!

Jim has done the awesomest job ever on our backyard. It only took us 8 years to plant anything in our backyard, but HEY, its hard.

My purdy rose garden. I know!! Just pray that I don't kill them mmmkay?

Gardener Jim. A.K.A. My lawn boy.

My most excellent Japanese Red Maple! Her name is Hilda.

Here is Pearl, the other Maple - and one of my bush corners. Shut up, I like it.

Here is my second bush corner, with a much bigger bush. (ha-ha, I said Bush. Just get it out of your system now.)

More herbs! Hooray! I made linguini tonight with basil, tomatos, white wine, olive oil, lemon thyme and garlic. It was yuuuuumy.

Oh! And here's Crazydogmama's new dining room table! I have a big girl table now!

It's Hella Good! The label says so!

I have to include a picture of Lou, well, just because.


Big Pissy said...

LOVE all the pictures!

I especially love the fountain and rose garden.

It all looks great! :)

Ann(ie) said...

Beau-tee-ful, girlie.

And um I think Hole might have written the label for that beer.

midnightbunny said...

Your garden is gorgeous. Kudos on getting it done, no matter how long it took. ;D