Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Questions you were asking yourself 3 years ago...

1. WTF is that big thing in the jungle?
2. What on earth did she DO?
3. How the hell do that many people survive a plane crash?
4. Who the fuck is the guy in the suit who keeps appearing and then disappearing?
5. Why do I want to punch the ditzy blonde so badly?
6. Why does the cute guy who looks like Viggo Mortensen have such a 'tude?
7. Is the old guy just a bit off, or is it me?
8. Why was the dog hiding?
9. When is the Asian chick gonna get all up in her husband's grill about being such a fucker?

YES, I am finally watching LOST. I love it! I can't believe I waited this long to see it. I have watched the first 4 episodes - and going to watch more tonight. DO NOT RUIN IT FOR ME - if you tell me spoilers, I will hunt you down and let my dogs eat you.


Big Pissy said...

You're kidding, right?

I'm obsessed with LOST!

I own the first season on DVD.

Hole said...

Lost rocks! I love love love it! I have seen the first two seasons and a few episodes of the third, but then I missed a whole bunch so now I gotta wait till 3 is on dvd! Dammnnnniiittttt! I won't spoil it for you, cause I dont' remember that much from back then anyway and I dont' know what is happening now, but if I did, I would spoil it for you cause your dogs don't scare me! ;-) lol

Anonymous said...

About time Cher. Like I told you before, pay attention to everything.


Hole said...

I'll tell you what I was asking myself three years ago.... "Why has Cheryl not blogged since Wednesday May 9th 2007?" Yep...there you have with it what you will. lol