Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Here fishy, fishy fishy....

Aaahhhh, the long Memorial Day weekend. I took Friday off to make it 4 days off - and went fishing with my parents. Here is what happened:

My mom caught 2 trout, my dad caught 2 trout and everyone on the fricking dock caught fish EXCEPT ME. I got lots of bites, but none on the hook. DAMN IT. AND...I got stung on the NECK by a fucking humming-bird-sized Bumble fucking Bee. I'm allergic to wasps, so thank God it wasn't a wasp, but STILL. Now you all know I am a complete spaz, so you can just imagine the dance I did when this monster kept dive-bombing me and landed on my neck. I broke my chair. At that point of no fish, a stung neck and a broken chair it was time to go home and regroup. Seriously. WTF?

This is the tacklebox I got when I was like 10 or something. I do know how to catch fish for anyone who might want to be a smartass commentor.

The rest of my pics are on flickr. My mom has threatened me with bodily harm for putting her picture on there, but I guess I'll risk it. If you all tell her how cute she it, maybe she will forgive me. :-D

As for the rest of my weekend - we did nothing on Saturday, went to my parent's house for barbecued teriyaki chicken on Sunday (Yum!) and basked in the sun on the back porch on Monday. Not real exciting, but better than working. I'll be looking forward to reading all your guys' blogs, for I am sure you can top this.


Broke and Angry said...

No fish? But you do know how? I doubt that...lol. j/k

Sounds like a fun weekend. Mine sucked. I will probably blog about it later.

Hole said...

Cheryl! That sounds terrible...just one bad thing after another....I've only been stung once and it sucked.... I'm sure you needed me to tell you cause you don't know that it sucks... ;-) lol...sorry about fishing...invite me next time, I don't know how to fish at all, and I'll make you look good. ;-)

And Boa, by "probably blog about it later" do you mean "I say I'm gonna blog but I'm not" ???? ;-) hehe

Anonymous said...

Shut it Hole.


yerdoingitwrong said...

I'm afraid that I cannot top this.

And hehe. That's funny Hole. I'm on Team Hole.

I know, I know. Shutty Annie. See I'm saying it for you, due. =P

Big Pissy said...

Sounds like fun...except for the bee sting. ;-)

yerdoingitwrong said...

awwww. I just looked at the pics. Your folks look fabulous. Say 'hi' for me!!