Wednesday, February 21, 2007


First, I woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday. After wanting to cry NOOOOOO when I found out its not, instead I accidentally ripped the drawstring out of my pants, never to return. EVER. Have you ever re-threaded a drawstring? Yeah, I didn't think so. There will be no comments about me wearing pants to work that have a drawstring. NONE.

Second, I never write about the shows I watch and I'm going to do that today. One of my favorite new shows is 'The Class'. I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but its really growing on me. Richie Velch (the nerdy character who is dating Lina) absolutely slays me. I'm also sort of liking 'Rules of Engagement', but mainly because "Putty" from Seinfeld is in it and he makes me giggle just looking at his squinty little eyes. 'Medium' entertains me, and I still love 'Jericho', even though I think people would be running around pulling their hair out and feeding on the dead by now in real life. 'Heroes' is cool - but I'm getting impatient with it, and of course 'Two and a Half Men' is still good. I hate to admit that I'm getting a little bored with 'Earl' and 'How I Met Your Mother'. OH, and how could I forget, I love 'Men in Trees'. I know its a chicky soap opera, but I don't care. At least I don't watch reality shows. ;-D

And that's it! That is all I watch.


Broke and Angry said...

What is with you and your reality show hate? Did something happen to you as a kid? :P

I agree, the Class is the funniest show out right now. Richie is my new fav character out there, removing Stewie from Family Guy from the number 1 slot.

yerdoingitwrong said...

Men in Trees is one of my faves, too. Although, I wish they'd give Mallory the boot b/c I want Marin with Jack. Although that the new drifter/roommate guy ain't bad either!! mmmmmmmm.

Fluffie Bunnie said...

I am also loving Jericho and Heroes. Totally agree that in real life there would be anarchy and rioting in Jericho, not everyone running around being nice and polite. We're probably behind you in both shows....I have only just seen the first two episodes of Heroes and they rocked!