Monday, December 04, 2006

Crazydogmama vs. Deer

OK folks, I am going for the all-time record in plowing over deer with my vehicle. Last Friday night made THREE. I have hit THREE MOTHERF****** deer since 1997, all with different cars. This is a major statistical feat, wouldn't you say? Obviously I have lived through all of them. Due to the snow storm last week, I get to drive around a lovely Hyundai for two weeks while my SUV is fixed. I don't have a scratch on me, in fact all I said after I hit it was "goddamnit" very calmly. I have apologized to God for that. For those of you who think I can't drive or something, I have a little something for you. This video will show you HOW DAMN FAST this event happens. Watch it, it is educational.

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Colleen said...

Dude! I've never hit a deer, but only because I've been lucky. Sorry about your car.