Saturday, December 23, 2006

First Christmas of 3 I'm celebrating...
The first present I opened...need I say more? Diablo will be proud. (See her website to the right)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Happy Mode

I am finally in the Christmas spirit. It took awhile with all the stress in my personal life, but today I just realized how very blessed I am. I have some of the best friends a person could ever ask for, and I'm sitting in my little cozy home (that we have come close to losing so many times) having a little spiked egg nog, complete with fuzzy appendages attached to my hip. (Louie and Maggie the furbutts). A lot has happened this year, both bad and good, but in reflection I can say that everything has come to such a peaceful end for me in 2006. Sure, there are still the stresses of finances and work and the like, but I know in my heart everything is going to be OK. I give the credit to God for that. For the families out there who are struggling, or for the soldiers who are at war, my thoughts and prayers are with you. 2007 is going to be a year of giving and helping for us, as we have received so much of that ourselves in this past year.

OK, enough sappy talk, let's see some Christmas tree pics!

A little fuzzy, but I wanted to take the pic without flash. This is our pretty little tree.

A close-up. Sparkly!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Monday, December 04, 2006

Crazydogmama vs. Deer

OK folks, I am going for the all-time record in plowing over deer with my vehicle. Last Friday night made THREE. I have hit THREE MOTHERF****** deer since 1997, all with different cars. This is a major statistical feat, wouldn't you say? Obviously I have lived through all of them. Due to the snow storm last week, I get to drive around a lovely Hyundai for two weeks while my SUV is fixed. I don't have a scratch on me, in fact all I said after I hit it was "goddamnit" very calmly. I have apologized to God for that. For those of you who think I can't drive or something, I have a little something for you. This video will show you HOW DAMN FAST this event happens. Watch it, it is educational.