Sunday, August 27, 2006

12 Years Ago Today...

I was transformed into untold bliss...ahem...well...I was married. I have to say that it has not all been perfect, but I woke up today truly glad to celebrate with my honey. I made us eggs benedict for breakfast - and Jim went to get me chocolate donuts. MMMMMM. We have also been planning our next Disneyland trip! Its a ways out because we have had a difficult financial year, but we are all excited to have something to look forward to. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of my blog, I have installed a count-down. Hehe.

Here we are August 27th, 1994

My bachelorette party the Wednesday before...

Eggs benedict this morning, August 27th, 2006

I love you, Jim, how about another 12 years? :)


Fluffie Bunnie said...

Hey, congrats!!! A husband who goes out to buy you chocolate donuts is truly one to be treasured.

Mmmmm Disneyland. I went there once years ago - my dad was working in Santa Barbara for 6 months, and I went over for a visit and we did all the touristy stuff in California. Would love to go there again.

Eurodisney is more accessible for me but it just doesn't cut it. The French are far too miserable to pull it off. Have you ever seen that Simpson's episode? French Park Employee: "Hello! Euro Itchy & Scratchy Land open for business! Who are you to resist it, eh?" (wind whistles through empty park) "Come on, my last-a paycheck bounced! My children need wine!"

I imagine it's just like that :-)

Cheryl said...

hehe...yes I did see that episode! I've never been to Eurodisney, but I do hear that space mt. has a loop in it there! That would be my reason for visiting! :)

yerdoingitwrong said...

awwwww. Congrats to you both! I think being married for 12 years is WAY impressive!!!! And I think you guys are a great match as well. The friendship you have with each other truly shows!

I love you guys!


Cheryl said...

aww, thanks. We love you too!