Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Blowing up the neighborhood

The kids: my stepson's cousin Nathan, my husband, and Billy my step son. Roman candle fun.

Being the safety-conscious and concerned parents that we are, here are the boys lighting off the so-totally-legal bottle rockets.

Yeah, you can hold those in your hands - its TOTALLY safe!

One of our pretty mortars. Which are really quiet.

Nuclear Sunset. Upon hearing about North Korea firing their test missles, we saw this sunset and thought "hmmm. I wonder if that's nuclear fallout." It was eerily beautiful.

All said and done, we had fun and everyone had all their body parts in tact by the end of the evening. Happy 4th.


midnightbunny said...

It looks like everyone had a blast (pun intended)... Happy post 4th. ;D

*bunny hugs*

yerdoingitwrong said...

FUN! Can I come over next year? My neighborhood is lame. We can't light off fireworks.

Colleen said...

Waitaminute! I just read your Skwigg comment. You are an ex-cop?


Cheryl said...

yup. both my husband and I are ex-cops. (that's why the "xpigs" in my email address) We met in the police academy. An interesting time in my life...

Anonymous said...

so why didn't the life of a cop agree with you both? That's a reasonable paying job, isn't it?