Saturday, June 03, 2006

Tag, I'm It...

I read this on Annie's blog - and she tagged me. So, of course, I have to play.

1. I am: CrazyDogMama.
2. I want: More money.
3. I hate: Meatloaf. Gross.
4. I miss: Friends, the sitcom.
5. I fear: Children.
6. I wonder: If I will EVER be thin again.
7. I regret: Getting Louie neutered. I could totally pimp him out right now and make some $$.
8. I am not: Naked right now.
9. I dance: Naked in front of my dogs when no one is home. They seem to enjoy it.
10. I sing: Along with CDs in the car by myself.
11. I cry: When I'm frustrated and angry.
12. I am not always: Nice.
13. I make with my hands: A mess, usually.
14. I write: Instead of talk on the phone.
15. I confuse: Most people.
16. I need: A nap.
17. I should: Be cleaning right now instead of wasting time doing this.
18. I start: My period in a week.
19. I finish: Nothing. Except this tag.

I now tag JIM and DAN

1 comment:

midnightbunny said...

With the CD's in the car ... do you keep singing if you notice someone watching? I always get paranoid about that. lol ;D