Friday, June 23, 2006

It was a William Shattner mask painted white. Yes, Captain Kirk.

OK, Colleen has inspired me to write about how I became a horror movie fanatic and what actually scares me.

Here's the scoop. Right now, the only things that actually scare me are spiders and children, BUT, there was a time when really dumb horror movies did make me totally freak out. My mom and dad loved horror movies and we had cable, so there you go.

We used to go camping a lot when I was a kid. We would hear bears wandering around the camp site at night. Try watching THIS movie, then going camping in the Pacific Northwest. We had Showtime when I was a kid, and when this movie would come on, I would dare myself to watch it. I would start out with my eyes closed and ears plugged. I would first unplug my ears. The sound of the "Prophecy Bear" would grunt and I would run out the room. If I tried to open my eyes, I would inevitably open them RIGHT as the bear was eating someone or throwing them against a tree. I tried to watch this movie again as an adult - and although I could watch it with no problems, my heart did palpitate during some of the scenes. I DO NOT KNOW WHY.

Then there was "It's Alive". Yes, the mutant baby movie. Maybe this is why I am afraid of children. My neighbor friend's brother was watching this movie in his room. We were in her room down the hall, but we all of a sudden heard that horrible shrieking monster-baby-thing growling and we started screaming. We would crawl up next to her brother's door and try to watch, but we were too scared to actually get in the room.

Also, when I was just a wee little thing, my grandfather scared the living SHIT out of me. Remember that old black and white movie called "The Fly"? Yeah, that totally stupid one. Scared me senseless. THEN...after I went to bed, my grandpa decided to be evil and he snuck into my room and softly said "Heeeelp Meeeee". I have never totally recovered from that.

So there you go. What happened to me along the way? I dunno. Brain damage? Did the Exorcist scare me? Nope. Did Friday the 13th or Freddy scare me? Nope. Do those emails that have scary faces suddenly pop up scare me? Nope. They do startle me sometimes, though - but I am wise to them now.


Colleen said...

Ha ha! I have two, count 'em TWO children. Wanna come visit? Oooh, and I saw a really big spider when I was watering flowers a little while ago.

I forgot about It's Alive. How about Trilogy of Terror? I'm totally blogging about that one next.

Fluffie Bunnie said...

As Bart Simpson says, "If you don't watch the violence, you'll never get desensitized to it."

Looks like you have done a good job desensitizing!


Cheryl said...

if you ENJOY watching violence and mayhem, does that mean your desensitized or psycho?

colleen said...

Hmmm, I don't know, are you rooting for the bad guys?

Cheryl said...

*blushing* yeah, kinda. Go Leatherface!

NoRemorse42 said...

In your case, psycho! :-P

- the angry little man

colleen said...

Wow, so you'd be rooting for my nemesis, the "Hookman"? (scratches chin and place pencil to forehead)....veeeeerrrrry interesting......

I think we need further evaluation.