Sunday, June 25, 2006

It was ninety frickin' five today

TOO HOT. I am sweating as I write this because we have no air conditioning, cuz, who needs air conditioning in rainy Washington? Ugh. We had to go propel ourselves into glacier water today to survive. We drove up to Eagle Falls (also known as "The Milepost 39 swimhole") which is only about 30 minutes East into the mountains from our house. It felt sooooo goooooood....then we stopped at "Zekes" to belly-up on some grease. I am now a burnt lobster and want to die.

Skykomish River @ Eagle Falls

My funky little foot in Skykomish river

Jim braving the glacier water (what a wuss)

Jim's butt




NoRemorse42 said...

Nice butt Jim!!

Fluffie Bunnie said...

Wow Skykomish River looks beautiful. You're lucky having that so close by :-) Did you take the doggies with you for a paddle?

yerdoingitwrong said...

mmmmmmmmmmm. Zeke's.