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Prepare yourselves for a serious post, folks. I know, I know...

I cut and paste the following information from The "AO Report". I thought it was interesting and it made me think.

"Consider the following elemental facts/details that have, are or in the process of transpiring:

#1. The Iranian nuclear crisis, itself and all the wacky, radical statements the newly elected Iranian president has made. It's almost as if the guy is begging to be attacked. If you were trying to guide your nation to secretly develop nuclear weapons so badly that you could taste it, why would you make a string of statements that would so inflame the rest of the world that they would rise up to eliminate your nation's chance of achieving the goal of making nuclear bombs before your nation finishes the program development and have built up an inventory of bombs to protect yourself. It is almost as if the Iranian president wants to be stopped before the nation can succeed in being able to make nuclear bombs.
Something just doesn't quite add up in this crisis. We can't quite put our finger on it, but it just isn't quite right. Why provoke a fight before you are ready? Unless, there's more to it than meets the eye? Maybe they already have a lot of nuclear weapons? Maybe, the rhetoric is a trap to lure America and then close it with a huge nuclear counter-attack or a preemptive attack? Maybe it is a staged situation that allows Russia and China to nuke the USA? Or maybe its simply the newly elected Iranian president is not playing with a full deck of cards? Maybe the Iranian President doesn't have the sharpest pencils in the box? Maybe as a kid he watched too many 3 Stooges movies and moronism rubbed off on him instead of a talent for humor? Or maybe he's just a plain, old-fashioned, demonically possessed person? Why this guy? Why now?
Whatever he is, he is still the main figure at the forefront of the Iranian side of the equation.

#2. Osama bin Laden (OBL) out of the clear blue sky delivering an audio tape warning the USA of more attacks to come. Why now?

#3. Recent reports of Middle Eastern men attempting to purchase cheap throw-away cell phones from WalMart and other discount stores. Such phones can be used anonymously and thrown away. They cannot be traced. These were incidents reported in Texas and California by newswire reports and other major news media sources. These are facts if we are to believe the wire reports. Why now?

#4. A recent foiled attempt at the Canadian border to smuggle weapons and perhaps a bomb into the United States. This is a fact. The exact details however may be in doubt and it has mysteriously dropped off the major media's radar scope. Why now?

#5. Rumors of other terror incidents that were interdicted in the nick of time by US officials including possible WMD events. Such acitivities were halted, supposedly just in the nick of time. These are merely unsubstantiated rumors in and of themselves. We don't know if such rumors are/were true, but they'd surfaced in some circles in the past thirty days or so. Why now?

#6. Reports that the US government is conducting a second nuclear terror strke drill again focusing on a pretend nuclear terror event against Charleston, South Carolina, just like the one conducted in the summer of 2005. It is a three-day even scheduled for 1/31/06 thru 2/2/06. Keep in mind, that on 9-11 the U.S. was conducting several terror exercises simultaneously at the same moments that the real thing was happening. Was that accidental, or a case of synchronicity, or planned and staged to coincide by one or all parties concerned? Why now?

#7. Recent newswire reports of sudden US Air Force and National Air Guard units being suddenly and immediately deployed to the Middle East to undisclosed locations. These are facts. They cannot be denied. See link. Why Now?
[There are also have been reports that the US Navy is on increased alert and some rumors have abounded recently that the US Navy had concerns for an unidentified submarine off the east coast that it had tracked for awhile and then lost. Was it Russian, which is not unusual, or was it Iranian? Iran has a small submarine force consisting of at least 2 old Russian (or Soviet) submarines which as we understand it (and perhaps we're wrong) has the ability to carry missiles. Again, we've not been able to confirm any of this, just postings from various discussion forums.]

#8. Debkafiles reports are citing especially reliable intell sources which have evidence that concludes Iran will be able now to make a nuclear bomb by the first of March. While Debkafiles has been right on target on many occaisions, their sources are not always correct. Link Debka is also reporting from its sources and also internal Iranian dissident sources that Iran will explode a nuclear bomb in the next 60 days or less. These Iranian insiders are also reporting that Iran is moving its long-range missiles into positions that put Israeli targets within range of those missiles. Furthermore, these missiles are mobile and are moved every night to avoid being sitting duck targets by US or Israeli air strikes. Links Why now?

#9. WorldNetDaily's Intelligence Report "G-2" is reporting that the USA and Israel will launch air strikes against Iran before April. Let me repeat that "before April." Why now?

#10. Israel's military and political leaders are making contradictory statements about the Iranian situation. One direction of comments states that Israel cannot allow Iran to have nuclear weapons and will do whatever is necessary to stop Iran. There are now opposite view statements. Some recent Israeli “intel” assessments concluded that Iran will pass the point of no return by the end of March. Those statements were followed by statements of Israel's readiness to attack preemptively if necessary. There were statements by Israel’s top leaders that Israeli forces have now finished preparations and training for strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities. All of these gung-ho for war statements can be painted against an earlier statement on Thursday (before the release of the Osama audio tape) by Israel's Army Chief of Staff. The top army general stated that it was not Israel's responsibility to attack Iran, but rather if an attack must occur that it be made by other nations, hinting that it should be the United Nations or some other joint venture of other nations. He made it clear that any military action on Iran should not be involving Israel. Now, why is this sudden reversal? Or is it a reversal? We find this to be an extremely curious dichotomy. Why now?

#11. We've also been privately informed as well as noted online reports in discussion forums of families unable to contact their loved ones serving in the military for the last few days. Also reports of sudden changes in orders and not being given permission to discuss their new assignments, suggesting that a possible, genuine military operation might be developing. We find this interesting, but on its own, it probably doesn't mean much, but we still ask the question, "Why Now?"

#12. The NWO crowd and the Bush administration is watching their plans for dictatorship starting to unravel over the inablity to get the Patriot Act permanently renewed. Instead it was temporarily extended til the end of January. Why Now?
Why the end of January? Also, the administration is coming under fire for revelations of illegal wiretapping and spying upon civilians by the CIA and NSA under Bush's direct orders. After all this time of crazy activity and the NY Times sitting on the story for a year, why release this information at this time? Why Now?
Such developments have not only lead to talk of impeachment but there are preliminary moves underway now in Congress to develop impeachment charges by a group of Bi-partisan congressmen. Yes, that means both GOP and Democrat members. Why Now? Why not wait til you have the numbers to do so. Now seems meaningless?
In other words, Bush could be facing impeachment in the future, especially if the Democrats win re-election. Right now, opinion polls show that Democrats are leading to such an extent that they could well take control of Congress and enable the Democrats to take the lead and bring about impeachment charges.
The Bush division of the NWO wants desperately to cling to power. It is this group that some believe created the "False Flag" 9-11 attack. While it is hard to know which division of the NWO/Illuminist crowd controlls the Al Qaeda psy-ops program, it appears that the Bush team could use a terrorist attack like right now, no, perhaps we should say they need a terrorist attack to have occured like "yesterday." On this we can see the answer to the question, "Why now?"
They need and want a terror action in order to justify seizing the opportunity to declare martial law. It is reported that just a few days ago, Bush signed new executive orders originally put into place in 1982 by President Reagan and now being reauthorized.
This executive order will enable the President to essentially suspend the Constitution and move the nation to dictatorship, IF we understand the orders as other commentators are suggesting. We've not read the actual orders so we cannot confirm this, but it sounds very plausible. On its own, without hard proof, we'd take this with a grain of salt, or better yet with a box of salt. At any rate, in regards to signing these new special executive orders we ask "Why Now?" However, consider this link about Bush and Martial Law. Link

#13. In response to the Bin Laden message, Homeland Security held briefings with key officials of various state and local government leaders and Los Angelies has put that city's LAX airport under a heightened state of alert. Why Now? See link:

#14. On 1-19-06, French President, Jacque Chirac warned that any terrorist nation that carried out a terrorist attack against France might be punished with French nuclear attack. See link Why Now?

#15. Iran's crazy president made a sudden visit Syria to meet with Syria's president to discuss the escalating nuclear crisis. Syria reaffirmed its support of Iran. Link here Why now?

#16. Note that Russia and China Oppose US Military Action against Iran. Should a WMD attack against America by "terrorists" develop on the Continental United States, Russia and China could not oppose a military retaliation unless they were prepared to go to war against the United States. However, without such an event, Russia and China still seem bent on preventing any attacks on Iran, any time soon. Why? Why Now? They have a great economic stake in Iran plus any military strikes could release radioactivity that depending upon weather and wind currents could contaminate their nations.

#17. Iran is about to introduce a new economic threat to the United States. It is an Oil Commodities Exchange (called a bourse) where the trade of oil futures contracts could be made using the EU Euro currency instead of US dollars. Such a move could destroy the US economy within a matter of weeks or months, triggering the possibility of stock market crashes as well as bank collapses. There is some debate as to how much of a threat this would be to the US economy, but we think it could be enough of a risk as to alarm and threaten the power base of the Bush division of the NWO crowd. Why Now? See link for an independent analysis from an economics professor:

#18. Al Qaeda's number two man, Zayman al-Zawahiri filmed a video recently that was released on 01-06-06. Why Now? The release of this video, according to one very well-respected terrorism expert (who reportedly briefs US government leaders at a the highest levels) says that every second video by al-Zawahiri is followed within 30 days by a major Al Qaeda terror strike. This is significant because al Zawahiri released an earlier video back on October 23, 2005 so that the 01-06-06 video is the second video and thus is signaling another attack is imminent. The question is where in the world that attack will occur.

#19. This may seem a bit superfluous but the date of release for OBL's audio message is 1-19-06 or when reversed is 60- 91-1 or more significantly is 911. We mention this because there seems to be a pattern and fascination by the "terror" gang with occult numerology as found in Freemasonry and Illuminism. To us, this date suggests perhaps something ominous is developing. Why Now?

#20. 13 days before this latest OBL audio tape surfaced, OBL's #2 in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri's video taped warning was released. That was on 01-06-06 or a difference of 13 days between the release of that tape and the OBL audio tape. 13 is an extreme-ly occult symbol of the Illuminati. 13 is perhaps the most critical number of all. Keep in mind, that Islam is a religion that at least on its surface is opposed to occultism. Why now?

#21. The highly popular and critically aclaimed, Oprah Winfrey television talk show devoted its show on Monday, 1/23/06 to Nuclear Terrorism and 1/24/06 devoted to the Bird Flu threat. The shows dealt primarily with how people can and should prepare for potential disasters. Why now?"

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