Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tube City, A Photo Essay

So I've told you before how awesome my company is, right? Well, to celebrate a milestone they gave us last Friday off and took us up snow-tubing at a local ski resort. The awesomest part, though, was the OPEN BAR.

Some explanation is needed to fully appreciate the chaos that it was. I work with mostly boys. Crazy, adolescent and very competetive boys. We broke every single rule. And paid dearly for it.
To start things off, here is the beautiful mountain. Yes indeed, it was a beautiful day. Beautiful and 6 whole frigging degrees. -38 degrees with the wind-chill factor. NEGATIVE 38 DEGREES. My world tends to hover between 40 and 75 all year 'round. -38 was quite a shock to my poor little system. Nevertheless, we tubed in pure ice. It doesn't look steep in the picture, but HOLY CRAP IT IS.

You really must pay attention to the signs in these pictures. Above, the sign reads "No Loose Clothing, No Long Hair Exposed and No Scarves. Signs, Bah! I had on an unzipped coat, a scarf, my long hair blowing in the wind and an elf hat (a.k.a a snowboarding hat). Up the rope tow I went. At the top, you are supposed to roll to your side off of the tube, then grab your tube and go down the hill. Well....

my hat got caught in the rope tow, took it off my head, the wind blew my hair around the rope tow cable - and around, and around and around. The rope tow is a contant moving cable. The rope tow drug me by my hair up the mountain and bashed my head against the metal wheel pulley. I have never been so scared in all my life. I have never screamed so loud in my life. The rope tow took a chunk of my hair for a souvenir. That tuft of hair went 'round and 'round the rest of the day as a tidy little reminder of how much of a total and complete utter idiot I am. I also had a nice little goose-egg on my skull. No matter. A-tubing-I-will-go.

Here I am skidding to a stop in the ice looking much like the Michellin Man (or the Pilsbury Dough-girl, whichever you prefer) with my four layers on - but also looking ever so girly in my forbidden pink scarf.

Next, we have the "Please Stay Off the Walls" sign.

But where's the fun in that?

And here we have what the operators called "the best crash we've seen all season". To hell with those stupid signs!!

and last, but not least...the alcohol. A nice, warm, coffee nudge. MMMMM.


NoRemorse42 said...

Looks like fun. I am disappointed that only a broken rib was the major injury of the day. Work harder next time. :)

midnightbunny said...

Great pictures!!! Snow, snow and more snow seems so much better than rain. :D

Yummy coffee too! :D

Ms. Q said...

Dang, that looks fun!! Except the part about gettin gyour hair caught in the rope. Yikes. I used to live in Washington. I broke my tailbone on Mt. Baker one year when I tried to snowboard. Ouch.

P.S. I totally want to work where you work!!