Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Post Valentines (finally) and Other Shit

Well, the hubby and I finally got a romantic night together. I fixed him Schnitzel (his fav.) the night after Valentines, but we actually went out to dinner for the first time in months last Saturday. I had a gift certificate left over from Xmas that we used because otherwise we would be just be digging through restaurant garbage bins.

We went to Anthony's Home Port on the waterfront. I got to face the beautiful sunset (cuz I'm the girl!) and sip on a glass of Syrah while Jimbo had a microbrew. We started with Calamari, then I had a blue cheese and baby shrimp salad and he had the chowder. Then, I had top sirloin and coconut prawns and he had blackened rockfish. Pretty yummy. I finished with a Baily's and coffee. The best part, of course. We skipped dessert cuz my hubby was insisting on stopping for Krispy Kremes. Yeah, I totally gained about 10 pounds in 1 night. Shut up.

I don't have the pics ready yet, so I'm postponing my post on snow-tubing with my company last Friday until later tonight. It was fun, there were injuries (including me of course) and I think we are all banned from the mountain. Stay tuned.

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