Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Hills Have Eyes 2006

I am so excited to see this movie I can hardly stand it. It looks absolutely disturbing and brutal and I'm trying to find an advanced screening somewhere. I am one of those kooks you find at a horror convention - but really I have a wide spectrum of interests. For instance, I also want to see 8 Below, a Disney movie based on a true story about doggies. So THERE. But getting back to the blood, WOW - LOVED the preview, and the stills provided are wonderfully horrifying! I have been disappointed in every horror flick I've seen since the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I'm *really* keeping my fingers crossed for this one. Jim is excited too - as we both are horror film fanatics - not as much as me, but still. What a perfect match we are.

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