Saturday, November 19, 2005


Once upon a time, it was a boring Friday night at Crazydogmama's house. She and her husband are so pitiful that they decide to play Poker (in the famous garage) with just each other because they apparently have no friends. What was even more pitiful was that Crazydogmama lost and had to do the dishes. (its either sexual favors or who has to clean something...) ANYWAY, I have to tell you that Poker is worse than frigging Monopoly. It takes FOREVER. I think we went through 3 packs of ciggarettes (we're quitting! I swear!) and a case of beer (we're NOT quitting! I swear!). You know its bad when you start betting the black chips when all you have in your hand is a pair of fucking 2's - just to speed things along.

I've been learning Texas Hold 'em, too, which is cool - except that I keep forgetting to flip over the cards when I'm dealing, and keep WANTING to flip over the cards when I'm NOT dealing. (that could be the beer, though.)

Yeah, its looking like Saturday night will be Crazydogmama's revenge...hmmmm....what will be at stake tonight?

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