Thursday, November 10, 2005

OK - I'll play too.

100 Things Me – Crazydogmama Style

If you follow my Blog, you may already know some of this stuff – but read it anyways cuz what better way could you spend your time?

1. I had REALLY crooked buck teeth when I was young. (Got braces)
2. I will not eat meatloaf. Period. Not even yours.
3. I am geographically challenged.
4. The movie “Prophecy” scared the SHIT out me when I was young.
5. I like to smell my dogs – it is a comforting smell.
6. I hate (and I mean HATE) it when someone spells ‘lose’ with two O’s as “loose”. It really, really bugs me, people.
7. Since we have been together (12 years now) – I have not been apart from my husband for more than 5 days – and only once was I gone 5 days.
8. I like meat served rare.
9. I don’t like old movies. (Black & White)
10. I don’t think infants are cute. Sorry.
11. I am allergic to cats, bees and Sulfa.
12. I have worn Estee Lauder cosmetics since I was 16.
13. I have jumped out of an airplane several times.
14. I still can’t drink Bourbon. (Not since I was 16 anyway…)
15. I have had food poisoning 3 times – from Mayonnaise on a sandwich, from sausage on a pizza and from sushi.
16. I got the chicken pox when I was 21.
17. I hardly had anything to do with planning my own wedding. My bridesmaids did most of it for me.
18. I hate thong underwear.
19. I love thunderstorms. I made my husband turn the TV off the other day so I could listen to one.
20. My favorite vegetables are onions, peppers, squash and asparagus.
21. My favorite herb is cilantro.
22. I hate creamed corn, peas, Brussels sprouts, water chestnuts and most kinds of mushrooms.
23. My blood type is B+.
24. I was born on a Friday.
25. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Washington.
26. The song ‘World’s Apart’ by ‘Jars of Clay’ makes me cry EVERY. TIME. I. LISTEN. TO. IT.
27. I don’t mind the rain or driving in the snow.
28. The colors in the front room of my house are red, orange and purple.
29. I would rather email than talk on the phone.
30. All my DVDs are in alphabetical order.
31. I can gross anyone out. Guaranteed.
32. I love theme and amusement parks.
33. I don’t really like popcorn, but I’ll grab some of my husband’s when I’m at the movies.
34. I hate arrogance. I cannot stay friends with someone arrogant.
35. I hate the month of February.
36. I could eat (good) Italian food every day.
37. I am a total klutz.
38. I don’t like fruit by itself. It has to be in or with something else.
39. I’m claustrophobic and arachnophobic.
40. I only make the bed when company is coming over.
41. I have to wash my bath towel after every use. Its just a thing with me.
42. If I don’t get AT LEAST 8 hours of sleep – just forget it.
43. I love fuzzy martinis.
43. My favorite ‘Atari’ game was ‘Adventure’.
44. Don’t put nuts in my dessert.
45. My favorite flowers are Tulips and Stargazer Lilies.
46. I hate riding a regular bike, but I love motorcycles.
47. I love 40’s music.
48. When I laugh really hard – tears roll down my cheeks uncontrollably.
49. I couldn’t belch until I was 25.
50. I was in a Spelling Bee once. I lost.
51. I drink milk with pizza.
52. I saw ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ in the theatre 7 times.
53. I am always pulling my underwear out of my butt.
54. I like the smell of gasoline.
55. I use Mentadent toothpaste.
56. I use the ring that my cell phone came with. I am not going to change it.
57. I don’t know how to sew.
58. I hate musicals.
59. My favorite Dean Koontz book is a toss-up between ‘Intensity’ and ‘Watchers’.
60. I don’t wear earrings very often, although I have tons of them.
61. I can sleep anytime, anywhere – most of the time.
62. I like to cook.
63. I don’t like to garden.
64. My favorite time of year is the fall.
65. I love Christmastime.
66. I learned how to play poker last summer.
67. I still don’t know how to play checkers.
68. I made up a game called “keep off the floor” when I was little. It was like ‘Blind Man’s Bluff” except you had to crawl around on the furniture and never touch the floor. I always got everyone in trouble playing it.
69. “The Brave Little Toaster” is the best cartoon ever made.
70. I like to crack my knuckles.
71. I hate shopping for clothes.
72. I put Tabasco on everything.
73. I don’t use hairspray anymore. In the 80’s, though, I went through a can a week.
74. I like having long fingernails.
75. I really want to visit Santorini, Greece.
76. I used to sleepwalk.
77. I talk in my sleep.
78. I remember my dreams every night.
79. I can’t put eye drops in my eyes.
80. I sweat A LOT. ALL THE TIME. I hate it.
81. I hate dirty or stained carpeting. I am always obsessing about my carpet.
82. The fitted sheet on my bed is always messed up or coming off. I hardly ever fix it.
83. I cannot sleep with more than one pillow.
84. I know all the words to ‘Take it Easy’ by the Eagles, and it is uncanny how much I sound like Axel Rose when I’m singing ‘Sweet Child ‘O Mine’.
85. I really must have croutons on my salad.
86. I take my wedding ring off at night so it won’t rip the bed sheets, and often times I forget to put it back on in the morning. People always ask me about it and I say “Sometimes I’m married, sometimes I’m not.” They don’t know what to say to that.
87. My husband is a war veteran.
88. I use the butt-warmer button in my car in the summertime.
89. I have to have the air-conditioning on in my bedroom every night. Even if it 2 degrees outside.
90. When I am sitting, I bounce/jiggle my right leg up and down continuously like a jackhammer. It drives everyone nuts. I can’t help it.
91. I used to have a really cute squeaky girl-sneeze; now it is just loud, obnoxious and messy. My husband really misses my cute sneezes.
92. I don’t like “The Beatles”.
93. I don’t like “Elvis”.
94. I am usually always wearing something black.
95. I can’t keep lipstick on – I subconsciously lick it off within 5 minutes.
96. If I am trying to find an address when driving – I can’t have the radio on because it is too distracting.
97. I hate wearing a seatbelt.
98. When I talk on my cell phone too long, my hand/arm goes numb.
99. I wear perfume every day.
100. I have one tattoo.

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Anonymous said...

THIS cracks me up. No wonder we're friends. We're so goddamn alike. I can relate to MANY of these. Happy weekend and bday my friend.