Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wilma, Surface, and the Shambles That is My Kitchen
First things first. I read this morning that Hurricane Wilma is not only close to breaking records because we are on "W" in the alphabet already and hurricane season isn't even over yet, but it is actually the strongest hurricane on record now with sustaining winds at 175mph... went from 75mph winds to 175mph winds OVERNIGHT. What do you bet they have to reclassify this at a 'category 6' hurricane soon? Sheesh.

Surface. Why do I like that sappy-ass show? I was so excited when little Nimrod tapped on Miles' bedroom window, then crawled in bed with him. What I wouldn't give to have a little seamonster crawl in bed with me...

And finally, my poor kitchen. Last night, hubby and me decided that we wanted Thanksgiving food. We realize we will be making all of it again in a month, but we wanted it now. So we made it. Every single dish I own is somewhere dirty in the kitchen. On the stove, in the sink (stacked ever-so-carefully, mind you) on the table, EVERYWHERE. Burnt marshmellow dishes. and gravy spills. and little fragments of stuffing. I am not sure when we will be cleaning it up. Maybe never. Maybe we will buy new dishes. It is so utterly disgusting. But it was mighty tasty.

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