Monday, October 24, 2005

Wake Me When Its Over

feh. I feel like I crawled to work this morning. I refrained from stopping by my favorite little coffee stand today cuz I've just been too out of control with it. I'm having oatmeal and a protein shake instead. But.....need....caffeine.....ugh. My weekend ending up being way more busy than I thought it was going to be - so I am a total zombie this morning. I didn't get a damn thing done I wanted to get done - AND its leg/back-day today. That means squats, lunges and dead lifts. I'm a little whiny about that, but it needs to be done.

Jim took Billy to a haunted house this weekend, and I so wish I could have been there to see those two scream like girls. (I was having a girl's night out) Anyway, the house apparently had different rooms with different 'movie' type themes. One room was the exorcism of Emily Rose, one room was the little girl from poltergeist touching a T.V., one room was a mad doctor cutting some woman to pieces, one room was from 'The Saw' with two men chained up next to a dead body - and finally there was an actual well that had the girl from the ring crawling out of it. All thru the house people were grabbing at them and some guy was running around with a chainsaw. What fun I missed! :-D

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