Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I am just not happy today. We took poor Magadog into the vet last night, and what do you know? She has 'dry eye', and some sort of major infection. $365 later...I'm in a pissy mood. The poor little thing is just having one issue after the other and I'm going bankrupt. I woke up so tired and depressed. Other than the vet trip, I'm not really sure why. I think I need a vacation or something. I haven't spoken to anyone yet today (physically) - its been more like "hello internet, how are you?"

Its dark and dreary outside - usually the kind of day I like, but not today. We aren't even having a Halloween party this year because its on a Monday, and everyone seems busy the weekend before. *sigh* no haunted garage this year. I just wanna go home and sleep. I think maybe I will.

Over and out.

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Anonymous said...

poor mags..hope she gets better before breaking your bank! ~nichole