Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bark-Fest 2005
At approximately 5am this morning, all hell broke loose. Maggie sleeps with me every night - all cuddled up next to my butt, and the first time my alarm goes off - she barely lifts her head because she knows I will be hitting the snooze about 16 more times before I haul my ass out of bed. Louie was banned from the bed a few months ago because he likes to pee and act like a jerk if you so much as get a toe near him when he is sleeping. Well, the idiot that I am, decided to slowly give Louie back his bedroom privilages because I missed his furry little butt. It was working out OK until this morning.

For some reason, when my alarm went off the first time, Louie completely lost his mind. He jumped straight up, barked his head off, and when I rolled over to bash the snooze button he leaped off the bed and started barking LOUDER, which in turn sent Maggie into a tizzy. I screamed for them to shut up about 400 times to no avail. It was like they were barking at each other to shut up. They WOULD NOT STOP. 20 minutes went by and they were still barking as if someone was in the house trying to kill us. (Although they probably wouldn't bark for THAT.) I gave up and put the covers over my head. I forgot about my husband who had fallen asleep in his recliner in the front room.

All of a sudden my bedroom door FLEW open and the wrath of Jim began. First, he yelled at the dogs and sent them to their crates. When daddy speaks, everyone listens. I actually wanted to go into a crate. THEN, he yelled at me and wanted to know why I was letting them bark. Peeking my head out from under the warm covers, I managed a very innocent "I tried but they wouldn't stop". I knew it was lame. Jim retorted with "WHY DIDN'T YOU GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP AND PUT THEM IN THEIR CRATES?" Silence. Then I said "cuz it is too cold". I could feel his eyes on me boring through me like laser beams. "Sorry."

I'm thinking maybe I'll make him a nice dinner tonight so that he won't divorce me or barbecue the dogs. :)

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